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TX born & raised. PNW explorer. There & Back Again. 


Hello, I'm Ethan Lington. Pleasure to make your acquaintance!


I am currently based in Arlington, WA. I've been married for over nine years and have two wonderful children with my beautiful bride. 

I absolutely love exploring the expansive forests and mountain regions of Washington State, and look forward to capturing special memories all across our beautiful territory. 

If you enjoy a laid back, fun and happy-go-lucky environment to chill out and relax with a friend, then you will enjoy hanging out and shooting with me! 

I do full service location photo shoots. From weddings, elopements, engagements, senior portraits, graduations, seasonal family portraits, and birthdays; to concerts, school events, sporting events, maternity shoots, newborn and child portraits, and more. Never afraid of new challenges! 

Call or email me to book anytime:



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